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Water Damage

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Water damage can occur in any number of ways. Plumbing problems, washing machine and sink overflows, water heater leaks, basement floods, broken pipes, ruptured lines and extensive storm damage and flooding are just a few of the problems many homeowners face. When it comes to the clean up process, great care must be taken to thoroughly dry the area and clean up any debris. If proper measures aren't taken, small amounts of moisture can be left behind. This can result in residual damage through the growth of black mold and leave an unpleasant order that permeates the home. Our qualified professionals pursue every avenue available to return your home to its original state.


Michael Coelho

I graduated from Neff High School here in La Mirada, Ca. I started in the building trades as a Union Lather from there a Union Carpenter where it was required have three (3) years the trade school before turning out as a journeyman carpenter.

Because of the many years and multiple trade skills I bring a wide range of knowledge to all construction projects. I have hands on skills as well as management such as scheduling, working with building inspectors, architects, and knowing the correct order in which to proficiently complete your project. I managed Residential, Commercial, and Industrial projects throughout my extensive carrier. Starting my carrier as an apprentice lather/carpenter then journeyman then foreman through union industry taught me discipline, safety, and teamwork with other trades. After 20+ years I decided to get my contractor license to better myself and use what I have learned and to learn more about the industry as an owner.

Commercial/Residential Flood

Our professional staff specializes in removing debriscontrolling water damage and restoring your property to its original condition. They strive to do the best recovery job possible when the unthinkable happens. Storm damage, smoke and fire loss, mold remediation, water and flood damage can lead to expensive repairs for both residential and commercial business owners. All of the services we provide to our customers are covered under our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our staff understands how it important it is that your home or business be returned to normal and efficiently as possible.

Commercial Customers We Have Helped

  • 24hr Fitness Center in Los Angeles, California
  • Pepsi Cola Plant in Carson, California
  • Wal-Mart in Rosemead, California
  • Bloomingdales in Costa Mesa, California
  • Sprint Store in Long Beach, California
  • Verizon Store in Pasadena, California
  • Marriott Suites in Long Beach, California



Insured and Certified

Customer satisfaction is our priority and we provide that guarantee with every service we perform. Each of our technicians have received the proper training necessary to be certified in water removal and property restoration. They are able to effectively remove moisture from any area of your home or business, as well as complete an extensive “dry-out” process that will allow for the removal of all water damaged materials, and their subsequent replacement. Our staff is professionally certified and bonded to ensure you get the best possible service accompanied by a sound guarantee.

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Water Damage Information

Restoring Your Home or Business

Once a water disaster has occurred, the process of clean up and rebuilding begins. Trusting your home to a water restoration company means placing your biggest investment in the hands of a stranger. With our company, we make a promise to treat your home like one of our own and take every action necessary to return it to its original condition prior to the water emergency. No matter what the cause of the water damage, we can make the repairs need to erase any clue that the property was ever damaged. Damage caused by fire, flood, water overflow or mold and bacteria infestation can be eliminated and new materials installed to make your home look good as new.

Commercial or Residential Water Damage? Call 888-229-7232

Being able to act quickly when confronting water damage is the key to preventing it from spreading and damaging your home more than it already has. No matter what the problem or where you are located within our service area, we will be there within an hour of being notified of your emergency. 24 hours a day/7 days a week/365 days a year, we are here to serve you. We will walk you through the process from the minute you dial the phone, until the day we finish the job. Our staff will be available to answer your questions and explain every procedure so that you know exactly what is going on with your home at all times.

Our staff is trained to not only remove the water and moisture, we also effectively sanitize and deodorize every inch of the affected area as perform the dry out process. By using powerful disinfectants and sanitizing agents, we reduce the risk of bacteria and mold growth in areas that were exposed to high levels of water and moisture. In areas where damage was severe, we remove the damaged materials and replace them with new so there is no chance of residual damage or risk of illness caused by black mold or toxic bacteria.

Free Onsite Inspection

Our experts are ready at any time of the day to go to your place and do a FREE on site Inspection and give you a free quote.

Direct Insurance Billing

Don’t worry, we handle all the insurance and claim process. We have more than 10 years of experience and we work with almost all insurance companies.

Drying Equipment

When drying out your home, we employ several types of equipment that use electricity. After standing water has been removed and your home is determined to be safe for the use of electricity, we will be able to use plug ins and electrical outlets within your home or garage to operate our equipment. Because of the size of many of our dryers, the energy load on your home can be extensive. We understand the financial ramifications involved and do everything possible to reduce the amount of electricity we use.

All of our machines are rated to be as energy efficient as possible. The drying equipment we use to remove moisture from your home's structural components (walls, floors, ceiling, wood beams and joists) are highly efficient and use almost half of the ampage of similar pieces of equipment. There are several benefits to using this type of equipment.

The home or business owner gains the maximum benefit because we use less electricity than alternative forms of equipment. The insurance company will also benefit due to the fact that the utility bill will more than likely be turned over to them as a part of the damage claim. Another benefit is that when energy efficient equipment is used in the process more pieces can be employed at one time, allowing for a more immediate resolution to the problem.

Our company works with most insurance agencies to make sure each step of the clean up, dry out and restoration process is effective and cost efficient. Our goal is to take immediate control of a situation so that we can limit the amount of damage that occurs. This means attacking the problem head on and performing each step of the process efficiently and effectively. This not only reduces the overall risk of damage, it also reduces the cost of the project and shortens the amount of time you are kept from enjoying your home or operating your business.

Water Extraction from Wood Floors

Wood floors create a perfect sanctuary for bacteria, mold and other types of contaminants found in water. Water can absorb into the wood itself and penetrate deeply into the flooring causing damage several inches below the surface. If the floor is not dried thoroughly and sufficiently, bacteria and mold can remain and begin to grow and spread quickly. This, along with the various types of installation methods used in laying wood floors, can cause a myriad of problems for restoration professionals.

If the wood used in the construction of the floor is properly sealed, using a squeegee will effectively remove the water that is on top of the flooring. It will not, however, prevent water from saturating the wood and other materials below the surface. These must be addressed using other methods.

Water separators and mat systems are designed to help remove large amounts of moisture that are accompanied by small amounts of actual water. The separators are used to make sure water does not damage the equipment, while mat systems are used to suction out excessive amounts of moisture trapped in wood floors. The mats are attached to the surface of the floor while the separators are used to extract as much moisture as possible. This dramatically reduces the amount of time needed to dry hardwood floors and greatly reduces the risk of boards warping or becoming irreversibly damaged.

Different Floors/Different Drying Devices

Our company utilizes both the DriForce and Injecti-dry mat suction systems to remove water from various types of wood floors. By using these systems we can sufficiently remove large amounts of moisture from laminate flooring, traditional wood floors and engineered wood floors that cover a wood subfloor. Each type of flooring requires a specific process. Our professional staff can address all types of flooring options using the techniques required to restore them to their natural state. Water can hide in any number of places under many types of flooring. It is our goal to make sure no hiding place is left where water can continue to cause damage.

Sewage Issues

Sewage problems are extremely dangerous and cause a variety of health issues for the home and business owner. Sewage leaks can introduce water into your home that contains fungi, toxic levels of bacteria, mold, fecal matter and a host of other chemicals and biologic agents. When this type of bio-hazard occurs, special chemicals are needed to sanitize, disinfect and deodorize an area before people are allowed to return. Individuals who work with this type of damage must receive special training and carry special licenses stating they are proficient in working in conditions where exposure to bio-hazards are possible.

OSHA regulations are followed during this type of clean up. Our staff has taken special training to be able to serve our customers who have experienced this type of emergency. We have the equipment, the cleaning agents and tools necessary to handle these types of jobs and restore your home to its original, safe state when the job is complete.

We are capable of handling any size job that deals with this particular type of water damage, including:

  • sewage back ups
  • sewage leaks
  • commercial or residential floor drain problems
  • commercial or residential toilet back ups
  • septic tank overflows and malfunctions
  • sea water floods
  • sump pump problems

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See if Your Water Damage FAQ is Answered Below!

You should use a licensed Water Damage Restoration for any work that exceeds $500. To check a Water Damage Restoration's license status, search the telephone directory or online for your state's professional license board or department. Contact the licensing authority to check license status and history by the name of the business or individual.

A bond will protect the homeowner if the terms of the contract are not met by the Water Damage Restoration. A bond is recommended for any work over $500. Make sure that your Water Damage Restoration's bond is valid and that the bond limit will cover the cost of completing or re-doing the work, before any work begins.

Find a Water Damage Restoration that has recently provided good work to someone you trust and passes a background services screening test. Compile a COMPLETE, detailed list of work and quality requirements (see the next section). Have the Water Damage Restoration prepare a "not to exceed" estimate. Agree on the final price, sign a complete written agreement (see below) before any work begins. Download the Water Damage Restoration Hiring Guide for step-by-step details.

When it comes to water damage it isn't always about simply removing the water. The water has been extracted, dissipated, or disappeared, its important to know that there is still a possibility for issues to arise until the affected materials or the structure have been thoroughly dried out. Within 24 to 48 hours mold may become a serious problem if structural drying has not been started.

Your Water Damage Restoration should carry adequate liability insurance for work related damages. Your Water Damage Restoration should also have workman's compensation insurance for job related injury or health risks.

Most Water Damage Restoration Service work is quoted at a fixed price, for specific service(s) or deliverables. The underlying hourly rate for a Water Damage Restoration ranges from $27 to $41. Usually, a minimum fee will be charged, which represents 1.5 - 2 hours of effort. In some cases, the quoted job price may be negotiable, particularly if the Water Damage Restoration Company performs other work.

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Donald Y

quotationThings could have been so much worse and luckily we made the right choice. They were so understanding and took such good care of us when we needed it most. Thank You. quotation

Anthony W

quotation Fast to the rescue! The flooding in our home appeared out of nowhere and we needed someone to come asap. The best decision we made was calling Water Damage! quotation

Martha R

quotation You can never plan for these things but when a pipe bursts like it did for us, it can be a nightmare. Gladly we were referred to the right company and everything was fixed quickly! So many Thanks Water Damage!quotation

Jeff P

quotation It was 7am and we came downstairs to a major flood, furniture was destroyed and the house seemed ruined, but in that moment we called LAWDRS and over the course of a few days they had us back to normalcy. Wow it was shocking how well they did! quotation