Rental Equipment

Our company offers a variety of rental equipment that can be used for individuals who experience minor water damage. These tools can reduce their overall restoration costs and help them make repairs without the need for extensive renovations.

Aqua sensors are available to help determine the boundaries of moisture once it has entered into a wall, ceiling or floor.

Blowers or carpet dryers can move large amounts of air very quickly. They are used in areas where floors have been saturated with water and can dry a large piece of carpet 4 times faster than air drying or using fans. By forcing air quickly over wet areas of carpet, blowers speed up the evaporation process allowing the material to dry in a relatively short amount of time.

Dehumidifiers reduce the level of moisture in the air and allow water to evaporate much more quickly. They can help pull water from furniture, carpets and walls and are beneficial in any type of restoration process that deals with water damage.

Water vacuum units can quickly remove large amounts of water from your home or business. Small mobile units can be used or large, truck mount units are available depending on the amount of water you need to move and how fast you need to dry out your building.

Inject-dry systems are used to dry areas underneath stationary objects such as kitchen cabinets and large appliances that can't be moved. This type of tool is attached to air movers to increase the circulation of air and remove water through the evaporation process.

Air scrubbers are an extremely important piece of equipment used to clean the air within the home. Also called negative air machines, scrubbers filter the air to remove mold, mildew, bacteria and all other types of airborne contaminants that can begin to circulate through the air of your home as the dry out process gets underway. These machines filter the area and reduce the spread of unwanted bacteria and mold preventing it from attaching to materials.

Thermal cameras allow the user to see areas of moisture in the home. They can detect moisture and water condensation within walls and behind paneling and baseboards that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Hardwood rescue mats are used in conjunction with air movers to draw moisture out of floors. The placement of the rescue mat and massive amounts of air forced over them helps to circulate the air and pull moisture out of hardwood floors, thus helping them to dry out in a short period of time. Because hardwood floors can warp easily after sustaining water damage, this type of drying procedure can help reduce the risk of lasting damage.