Water Extraction and Structural Drying

We offer Emergency 15 Minute Rapid Response mobilization to ensure we can get to the job within less than an hour to address the situation and minimize the chance of damage.

Water extraction is crucial, as mold will begin to grow on wet surfaces within 24 to 48 hours, according to FEMA. Our team is licensed, certified and insured to properly extract water and complete a drying protocol that will insure proper restoration of wet surfaces, and control mold growth.

Our extensive list of flood response services includes:

Water damage assessment - After a flood, you must determine the extent of water damage to your property with a water damage assessment. Action Restoration can assess the damage to your structure by looking for cracks, stains, leaks and other damages to your roof, walls, windows, yard, bathrooms and basement. Additionally, we will assess the damage to your personal belongings, including your furniture, carpets and appliances.

Water extraction - If you wait too long after a flood to perform water extraction services, your structure will likely sustain more long term damage.

Structural drying – Drywall and other building materials can absorb a surprising amount of water. We have all the right tools to measure moisture in your structure and get it dry—with the largest inventory of commercial water drying equipment available.

Structural dehumidifying – We offer structural dehumidifying and daily monitoring as the final step of our water remediation process. We use electric sensing equipment to monitor the temperature, dew point and humidity of your structure each day until the job is complete.

With our ConvectionDrying® system that is unmatched in water removal effectiveness, we can accelerate drying time by 30 percent or more—reducing your financial loss and business interruption.

Our goal is to remove the water fast and then provide complete drying to avoid costly tear out -- so that you are back in your building faster with less interruption to your business or home life.

Mold Remediation

If your structure recently suffered water damage from a flood, you might need mold removal or mold remediation services. Our EPA-registered ASA-1000 decontamination system offers industry-leading protection against mold, virus, bacteria and other microbial threats. With our decontamination formula and unique air duct cleaning technology, we’ll return your structure is returned to its pre-flood condition and you can be sure that your indoor air quality is tested safe.