Types of Water Damage

Type 1 Water Damage – Type 1 water damage is normally referred to as “clean water” damage. This is one of the most common types of water damage and often occurs as a result of an overflow or a broken water line. Clean water damage is considered to be minor and poses little or no risk to the health of the individuals who live in the home or to the structural integrity of the building.

Type 2 Water Damage - Type 2 water damage is caused by water that contains micro-organisms, chemicals or other biological contaminants. Overflowing toilets, broken sewer lines or sump pump malfunctions can result in this type of water damage. If not immediately removed and the water damaged repairs, it can lead to possible illness and disease. If left for long periods of time, type 2 water damage can quickly turn into a Type 3 problem which is much more severe.

Type 3 Water Damage – Type 3 water damage is referred to as “black water”. Black water contains noticeable amounts of solid contaminants, such as feces, unsanitary debris and sludge caused by sewage back ups and other malfunctions of outside sewer lines and septic tanks. It can also stem from the flooding of nearby rivers, lakes and streams. This type of water damage can cause immediate and devastating illness if not immediately removed.