Finding the Best Water Damage/Restoration Companies

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Water Damage Restoration Services, costs and hiring best practices - proven tips for getting great Water Damage Restoration Service

When hiring and working with a Water Damage Restoration, every homeowner needs to know: What services does a Water Damage Restoration commonly provide? What is the best way to find good prospects? What should I look for when I interview the Water Damage Restoration? And most importantly, how do I make sure that the Water Damage Restoration Service is done right?

Use the following information to understand your options, make good decisions and get quality work at a fair price.

Finding the Best Water Damage Company

Water damage companies are an excellent means of restoring your home following a fire or flood, and the services water damage companies provide can save you both time and money. It is critical that you hire a water damage company within 24 hours of the fire or flood stops, as this gives you the maximum amount of leverage in preventing secondary water damage or the development of mold, mildew, spores, and other fungi. There are three main ways to locate water damage companies: a local business directory, online, or as a referral from your insurance company.

Finding Water Damage Companies in a Local Business Directory

One of the places you can find water damage companies is in your local business directory. You may wish to contact several different companies to obtain a few estimates on the damage. When dealing with water damage restoration, it is essential that you maintain a balance between restoring your home immediately and getting the best value for your expenditures. If you are unable to secure a referral from your insurance provider, looking in your local business directory is the second-best option. If you need to consult the business directory, you should ask friends, family, or neighbors if they have had any experience with the company you wish to hire.

Water Damage Restoration - Finding and Hiring

Not every Water Damage Restoration has the same ability. Experience, skills, and sense of acceptable quality vary considerable. To get the results that you expect, it is essential that you put appropriate effort behind finding a Water Damage Restoration matched to the specific requirements of your job - not simply someone that puts you at ease or wins your confidence. Before starting, make sure that you completely understand the work you want the Water Damage Restoration to perform and the job quality you expect.

Then, begin the selection process outlined below:

  • Develop preliminary project objectives and budget target
  • Collect referrals from reputable material suppliers or local building permit authority
  • Conduct face-to-face interviews with top 2 - 4 candidates
  • Interview topic: what will be done to assure quality?
  • Interview topic: how are change orders handled?
  • Interview topic: work portfolio, design plan examples and project management
  • Prepare final written agreement / contract
  • Job site cleanliness, workers conduct, and rules for use of on-site bathroom, phone, etc.

Water Damage Restoration - Services

A Water Damage Restoration can handle a number of jobs, activities and problems. The list below summarizes common Water Damage Restoration Services.

  • Manage Project
  • Remove Carpet
  • Remove Ceiling
  • Remove Kitchen Soffit
  • Remove Wallboard

Finding Water Damage Companies Online

Finding water damage companies online is also an available option, but you should only use it as a last resort. After a fire or flood in your home, you may not be able to check online for an available company, since the power may be out or your computer may have sustained water damage. Any water damage companies that your insurance provider refers you to are likely to provide for your needs better than any online company could. The most important aspects in finding water damage companies are response times and reliability. If your insurance provider refers you to a water damage restoration company, you can be sure that it responds quickly and has an excellent reputation, whereas looking for water damage companies online does not necessarily guarantee they are reliable or quick to respond. Therefore, if looking for water damage companies online, you should make sure to read user reviews about the companies before hiring them.

Finding Water Damage Companies through Your Insurance

If your home sustains water damage and your insurance provider can refer you to a water damage company, you should hire that company. If the two companies are able to work together, it is in your best interest, since you know that your insurance company is going to refer water damage companies that do excellent work and have sound business practices. Because the two companies can work well together, you can be sure they can resolve any cost or settlement issues without your intervention.

Water damage companies are necessary to restore your home after a fire or flood, and you should contact them as soon as possible after such an event. Professional restoration companies are the best way to achieve water damage restoration because they employ contractors that have years of experience and access to the best tools and equipment.

Water Damage Restoration - Important Agreement / Contract Terms

A written agreement greatly improves your odds of success when working with a Water Damage Restoration. Never start work until you have a complete agreement signed by your Water Damage Restoration. For small jobs use a written work order. For larger projects, use a detailed contract. Never feel pressured to use the Water Damage Restoration's standard contract.

Make sure the following points are included in the agreement:

  • Project timeline with delay penalties and on-time completion bonus
  • Detailed description of items and material to be installed and all work to be performed
  • Project completion, quality and payment criteria
  • Detailed summary of costs, fees and payment milestones
  • Insurance and bond coverage requirements
  • Warranty on workmanship
  • Job site cleanliness, workers conduct, and rules for use of on-site bathroom, phone, etc.

For more information about water damage companies, contact Water Damage.